F19 Pro – Its Design And Performance


If you are looking for the best buy from OPPO UK, F19 Pro would be a good choice. The smartphone has all the modern facilities available in a smartphone. The smartphone is equipped with multi-tasking features and configuration such as, Bluetooth, A-Gps, MMS, Wi-Fi etc. It also comes with a high-end camera with infrared capability, an ultra light mobile browser and Play Books which supports text-to-speech capability. F19 Pro

One of the main characteristic of the smartphone which makes it different from others is its physical appearance and the screen size which it comes with is 8GB RAM and a large 1.6 inch Super AMoled display. The screen is generally clear and bright although it is on the touch sensitive side. The screen size gives the impression that it could be touched easily although on the contrary, it does not have that feel of having a touch screen phone. There is a soft-touch feature that allows you to slide your finger across the screen to launch the app but the soft-touch feature does get tiresome after some time. When we talk about battery life, F19 Pro lasted till 4 hours and 30 minutes before the battery died down.

There are many other features which make the smartphone stand out from the crowd. There is an ample storage space of more than two hundred and fifty MB free which gives ample space to store and transfer files efficiently. Moreover, the internal memory is also expandable i.e. one can add more gigabytes to the device. There is also a further slot for Micro SD which can accommodate extra cards which can be easily fitted into the smartphone using the USB adaptor.

The camera of the f nineteen pro is one of the best in the current industry. There is an eight mega pixel camera which gives good pictures. The camera has an LED flash which makes it very visible in the night. The camera also has a good photo quality and there is no lag while taking photos. There are also various image stabilization features like optical zoom and digital zoom which provides smooth moving images. There is also facial recognition facility which allows the user to use the facial recognition facilities to choose their favorite pictures from the gallery.

The battery of the f nineteen pro is another reason that makes it more attractive as it offers an extended battery life of ten hours. There is also a notification LED which turns blue when the battery is low. This light bar appears bright and attractive to the users especially at the start of the night. There is also an intelligent power management system which conserves battery power. There is also a GPS facility which can track your location through the Global Positioning System. The GPS facility enables the users to locate the nearest supermarket, cinema etc which makes the operation of the gadget easy.

The amoled screen of the f nineteen series is the best among other smart phones in the market. The large text and bright icons make the interface easy to use. The multi functional screen which includes the calendar, address book and email provide an impressive user experience. The f nineteen series is available with a sliding mobile keyboard which makes it more convenient to use. The amoled screen of the f 19 pro provides bright LCD display with great clarity.

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