How to Win While Playing the Slots

Sure playing the slots seems like gambling, until you understand the approach I am going to give here and use it. So I begin with a paraphrase combination quote from Wallace D. Wattles and Dr. Joseph Banks Rhine:


“Never go by the apparent or the obvious, always think what you want to think and think it powerfully and you will get it.”


If you read their works about the mind and getting rich, that is pretty much what they say in a nut shell. I am not saying that you will win money without a little real and genuine effort of your own to generate wealth, but I am saying that with disciplined intuition and reasonably right actions, you can create success as shall be shown in the rest of this article. slot online

The apparent and the obvious can go in any direction, but what you really want to think and make results with can only go in one direction. That direction is loss or win. If you read the article I did on shooting a successful craps game, you know exactly what I am writing about here. The secret ingredient is the correct use of the mind influence. So, more suggested reading: Anything by William Walker Atkinson or Frank Rudolph Young. The mind is really incredible though, give it a goal consistently and it will take it to completion ultimately. I did not say instantly, but ultimately, meaning that you have to do some legwork in relation to the goal.

I remember when my Dad used to “effortlessly” concentrate on his crap game and get the right numbers, same principle applies here, only we are talking slots which is not totally different, but somewhat more limited in that you pull a handle instead of roll the dice, and the outcomes are more fixed than in a crap game also.

The only real loser in all this is the genuine gambler who does not believe in the genuine power of the mind and real intuition and ends up trusting “systems” and “sure thing” plans to consistently win.

Come on, if you do not believe, how can you genuinely start anything? You cannot, that is also my point. You lose in a juvenile way from the very start. An achieved goal starts with belief, right down to winning games genuinely. There are not any exceptions. Listen, for starters, the universe and existence are controllable energies, right down to matter being made out of energy. So, if everything is energy, everything can work for us in a cause and effect way, everything. It is not either good or bad, it works in cause and effect, right down to intuition and reality. I say this simple phrase to continue: Think about it.

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